Whether you want to play basketball with friends, take a dip in the pool, have coffee and chat in the lounge, get some fresh air, or have a party, a picnic, play with your kids, or read a book. At Buildersville, you can enjoy exclusive first-class amenities and activities that let you rejuvenate and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

You can practice your three pointers, shoot hoops with your friends or have a tournament in the full-size basketball court whether in the day time or at night. You can have a leisurely swim by the pool, play with your kids or just relax in the wading area by the water falls. You can read a book on the swing, or go sun bathing.

You can have coffee and chat with your friends in the lounge while enjoying the fresh air and natural light of the high ceiling in the clubhouse. Whether it is a birthday party, a debut, a wedding, or just a simple gathering of friends or family, the clubhouse activity area is good for any occasion.